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Computerand network exploits such as advanced malware have become very sophisticated, very difficult to detect and are focused on covertly exploiting and extracting valuable information from government, private enterprises, and individuals. Many of these exploits take days, weeks or even years to uncover. The potential for loss of sensitive information could last for months and even years if not detected. These vulnerabilities are becoming more common and rapidly proliferating across the globe. We have learned that these sophisticated classes of threats are designed to morph and change their signature frequently and thereby render the commonly deployed commercial signature based intrusion detection and firewall defenses ineffective. 

Militus has developed and built a seamlessly integrated tool consisting of best-in-class security controls and other appliances which work together with a proprietary algorithm. This provides complete situational awareness of network traffic and can detect the presence of previously unidentified "zero-day" sophisticated malware and APTs.  The Unified Security Analytics Manager (USAM)  is the only portable vendor agnostic tool of its kind presently available. We can provide our advanced malware assessment & detection services on short notice at a customer's data center and provide them with a complete view of any potential anomaly associated with their network traffic. 

Militus has also obtained a license for the world’s most advanced cyber technology from a Fortune 25 company.  This technology is military/intelligence grade, has been extensively tested and deployed and is currently being further developed into the next generation technology. Several stand-alone modules, currently being extracted, will provide capabilities including sophisticated analytics, automated data fusion, precision targeted packet capture, rapid data collection and parsing, unknown application discovery and identification, differentiated processing & storage, and a highly sophisticated and adaptable policy/rules engine.